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Celebrating 24 years with Specials on 38" Silver Blade Scissors

              38 Inch Ribbon Cutting Scissors-Exceptional Quality Line
Manufactured in the USA! - Engraving Options-Displays-Wide Ribbon

Make a BIG impact at YOUR Grand Opening Ceremony.  We Design and Manufacture ALL of the Ribbon Cutting Scissors you see on our Website at our manufacturing facility in Central Wisconsin.  Every Scissors we make is a SUPERIOR SCISSORS!

Our Scissors design has become so popular, not one, but TWO Importer's have copied our handle design.  We'll take that as a compliment  but,  you will only find these Exceptional U.S. manufactured scissors at this website or at specialtydesignmfg.com.  If you buy a scissors without a mark showing the County of Origin - most likely it's an Asian import.  The stickers or printed plastic showing the country of origin have been removed before you see the product.

Our comfortable oversize handles give you the perfect photo opportunity at your event.  Handles are molded from high strength engineering plastics.  Our stock colors are  sanded, primed, and painted with commercial quality textured catalyzed polyurethane paint, to insure they will be both durable and beautiful.  We take these scissors through a 13 step process to ensure they look and feel great for your Big Event. And yes, they really cut!

Product Information:

  • Light Weight: 5 lb. 4 oz.
  •                Available in stock, metallic gold or silver, or custom PMS Color Matched handles.  Tooled and Produced in the USA!
  • High quality hardened U.S. surgical stainless steel blades--hand ground for the perfect cutting edge. Accompanied by our Written Cutting Edge Guarantee and Limited Lifetime Warranty to stay sharp and look good for as long as you own them.  Machined  to a brushed silver finish to display beautifully!  To learn more about our Written Guarantee and our Scissors, please see our GUARANTEE Page
  • Shipped in a reusable storage container with room for your 3,  4, 8, or 12 inch ribbon and pull bows inside.
  • Personalize with Black Laser Engraving or Color Engraving
  • Same Day Shipping for Stock Items when order is placed by 3:00pm CST
  • NEVER an expedite fee for our service
  • ALL Scissor components-Made in USA!
Scissors-Giant Ribbon Cutting Scissors and Custom Printed Ribbon-Made in USA!
Above: Ribbon cutting at the new Realogy facility in NJ
Experience the Cutting Edge!
Pictured is a 38 Inch Scissors with Metallic Silver Handles and
Silver Blades, color engraving, and custom 12" ribbon.
Features of these Exceptional 38 Inch Scissors:
**Large Engraving space for your logo or message
**Light weight- easy to operate - 5 Lb. 4 Ounces
**Sharp Enough to Cut YOUR Ribbon, Cloth, Heavy
Cardboard, or Hardened Plastic
** Shipped in a re-usable storage container
**These scissors comes with a WRITTEN Cutting Edge
Guaranty and Lifetime Warranty.  They will cut for as long
as you own them - or we will re-sharpen them - No Charge!
Ribbon Cutting Scissors-Made in USA
Stock Color Handle Choices for Exceptional Giant 38 Inch
Scissors with Silver or Gold Blades are available in
Metallic Blue, Metallic Green, Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver,
Metallic Black, or Metallic Red
To Order One Blank 38 Inch Exceptional SILVER Blade Scissors
with Stock Color Handles of your Choice:
Current Special   $180.00
To Order One Blank 38 Inch Exceptional GOLD Blade Scissors
with Stock Color Handles of your Choice:
PRODUCT NUMBER:  RCS38GOLD       $300.00
Discounts apply for Multiple Purchase - Call for Pricing
Scissor handles-metallic black
Above picture shows a close-up of the fine metal
flakes used in our metallic handles which give
them that great shine outside or under lights!
Ceremonial Ribbon Cutting Scissors-Custom Color Handles-Made in USA!
** Molded with high strength engineering plastics. These
scissors come with a written lifetime warranty to be free
of defects in material and workmanship for all long as
 you own them and a written cutting edge guarantee!
**Painted with commercial quality paint created specifically
for us by Sherwin Williams to be both durable and beautiful.
** Clear coated  for durability.
Availability: Approximately 5 business days ....sooner
if we have your Pantone number in house.
 We currently have over 60 colors in inventory!
Custom Color Handles (Scissors Sold Separately)
Grand Opening Ceremony Scissors-38 Inch Gold - Made in USA!
38 Inch Grand Opening Scissors with Metallic Gold Handles
and 12K Gold Blades.  Picture supplied by our friends at the
San Diego International Airport!
Benefits of this Exceptional Quality Gold Scissors:
**Select any stock color handle for your gold blade scissors.  
**12K Jeweler Quality-Gold Plated Blades.
Plated in the U.S. following environmental guidelines.
**Hardened U.S. Surgical Stainless Steel Blades to
Remain Sharp and resist Corrosion.
**Machined to a Flawless finish to accept Gold Plating.
Big Ribbon Cutting Scissors-Made in USA
Mix or match your handle colors.
Select any two stock color handles instead of one!
Same price - same day shipping available.
Giant Scissors-38 Inch with Custom Color Handles and Color Engraving-Made in USA!
Thanks to our friends at Baruch College for the great photo
of their Plaza Ribbon Cutting!
Pictured - Giant 38 Inch PMS 287C Custom Blue Handles
with Silver Blades and Full Color Engraving.
Our Ribbon Cutting Scissors will provide
the 'WOW' factor for YOUR event!
Giant Scissors Created for your specific brand!-Made in USA
Brand Specific Scissors created to your specifications.
Above - Multiple color handles with full color engraving.
Email or call us with your ideas and we'll give you a quote!
Large Ribbon Cutting Scissors-Made in USA!
Your Assurance of Quality!
We're proud to be one of the last U.S. Scissor
Manufacturers to wholly produce scissors in the USA
and the ONLY U.S. Manufacturer of the Large Ribbon
Cutting Scissors with Molded Handles. 
Above photo enlarged for easy viewing.
Our Scissors are Manufactured with:
** Steel Manufactured in the USA
**  Tooled and Molded in the USA
**U.S. Labor and U.S. Packaging
Engraving Options, Displays, and Carry Bags with
pricing information shown below.
Giant 38 Inch Scissors Packaging-Made in USA!
Superior Reusable Packaging for your Ceremonial
Ribbon Cutting Scissors. Inner packaging is cut to fit your
Big Scissors from poly styrene. We can ship your
3, 4, 8, or 12 inch ribbon and pull bows in package with your
scissors. Inner packaging slides into outer corrugated
to keep your scissors safe and snug during shipping.
A savings for you on shipping and no messy fillers needed!
Pictured Above: 38 Inch Green Handles/Silver Blade Scissors
Ribbon Cutting Scissors-Black Laser Engraving
Personalize your Ribbon Cutting Scissors with
black laser engraving. No limit on the number
of characters-only what looks good! You can
add your logo and/or verbiage to your scissors.
This process requires a high resolution file in
vector format to produce a quality logo. Bitmap
files will need to be converted and can incur
additional artwork fees. Shipment in one business
(clicking this link will open a new window)
Big Ceremonial Scissors-Full Color Engraving
Engrave your Color Logo on your Ribbon Cutting
Scissors. Priced by the size of the scissors - NOT
the number of colors. A high resolution color logo
file in vector format is required to produce your logo.
Standard production time is 3 - 5 business days plus
shipping time. A proof is always provided with any
of our graphic services. Call or email for a quote.

Product No.
Product Description or Services
38" Silver Blade Ceremonial Scissors-Special
(Specify Stock or Metallic Handle Color)
38" 12K Gold Blade Ceremonial Scissors
(Specify Stock or Metallic Handle Color)
Custom PMS Color Match Handles
$ 40.00
Engraving Space: 8" W x 2" H
Bold Black Laser Engraving
Call for quote
Full Color Engraving-No Limit of Colors
Call for quote
Graphic Design Services
Proof Layout for Verbiage & 1 Revision
Call for quote
Artwork Modification Layout, Proof & 1 Revision
Call for quote
Vector Supplied Artwork-Layout 1 Hour
Includes a Proof and one Revision
Call for quote
Bitmap Supplied Artwork-Layout 1 Hour
Includes a Proof and one Revision
Call for quote
Additional Artwork Beyond 1 Hour-Per Hour
Call for quote
Purchasing Multiple Scissors? Contact us for quantity pricing!

38" Ceremonial Ribbon Cutting Scissors Wall Mount Display

Your Scissors is a great conversation piece - Show it off after your event on a credenza or mounted on the wall.
Ceremonial Display Stand for 38 Inch Scissors - Made in USA!
Solid Walnut Gavel Style Display Stand for
the 38 Inch Ceremonial Scissors shown with
display plaque.  This is a beautiful piece of
wood (designed by us and copied by several)
as an elegant alternative for displaying your
Giant Scissors
Ribbon Cutting Scissors-Wall Mount Display-Made in USA!
Oak Wall Mount Display for the 38 Inch
Ribbon Cutting Scissors. Available in Golden
or Dark Oak Stain finish. Crushed Velour
background available in Silver Gray or Black.
Fully mounted display plaque available in
black laser engraving or full color.
Personalized Laser Engraved Display Plaques Personalize your Ceremonial Display with a Full Color Engraved Plaque
Personalize your display with engraved dedication plaques for your gavel style or wall mount display.
Laser engraved in black on your choice of silver or gold plaque. Full Color engraving is available
on your choice of silver or white plaque.  Plaques come fully mounted on your display.

38 Inch Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Scissors Podium/Stage Display - Made in USA!

Display your scissors on the stage or in front of a podium at your grand opening ceremony.
Designed to show-case your scissors at an affordable cost.
Use it afterward to display your scissors in a prominent area of your business or an office.
Made with a solid oak base and available in golden (pictured above) or dark oak finish.
Pictured above: 38 Inch silver blade scissors with custom blue handles and golden oak base.

Product No.
Product Description & Services
38 Inch Solid Walnut Gavel Display Stand
38 Inch Wall Mount Display Stand
Specify Golden Oak or Dark Oak Finish
Specify background color Silver Gray or Black
38 Inch Stage Display Stand
Specify Golden Oak or Dark Oak Finish
$ 65.00
38 Inch SoftTouch Carry Bag
$ 75.00
Black Laser Engraved Dedication Plaque
For Wall Mount Display
Specify Silver or Gold Plaque 11" W X 3" H
$ 30.00
Black Laser Engraved Dedication Plaque
For Gavel Style Display Stand
Specify Silver or Gold Plaque 8" W X 1.75" H
$ 20.00
Full Color Engraved Dedication Plaque
For Wall Mount Display
Specify Silver or White Plaque11" W X 3" H
$ 45.00
Full Color Engraved Dedication Plaque
For Gavel Style Display
Specify Silver or White Plaque 8" W X 1.75" H
$ 30.00
Don't forget to purchase your Ribbon!


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